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Ron Dupont: Owner of Red Oak on WMUR

Ron Dupont on WMUR TV
When NH’s leading Television News Crew is looking for expert opinion about trends in the NH Apartment industry they turn to Ron Dupont, Owner and President of Red Oak Apartment Homes in Manchester.
Recently, Sean MacDonald of WMUR-TV, visited Red Oak to discuss current trends in Landlord and tenant issues. Sean’s question was: “How much revenue and resources go into the process of collecting bad debts from residents who do not pay their rent. This is a national issue in the industry. Ron explained that we are in the business to rent apartments to good residents. However, when the contract is not honored then he must try to collect. Oftentimes this is an excersice in futility. You can see the report at
An owner who is a leader in the Apartment Industry…Now That’s the Red Oak Life!