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Public Transportation in Manchester – Get Where You Need to Be

Did you know that Manchester has a great public transportation system?

Public Transportation in Manchester, NH


In the Greater Manchester area, the local public transportation is the Manchester Transit Authority (known as the MTA). With 13 different bus routes throughout the Greater Manchester Area Monday through Saturday, you can get where you need to be without a car all year round.

Buying tickets*

You can purchase riding fare with EXACT CHANGE while boarding or at the MTA website.
Adult Fare is $2.00 per ride, $5.00 for a day pass, or $60 for an unlimited monthly pass.
Senior/Disabled Fare is 1.00¢ per ride, $2.50 for a days pass, or $30 for an unlimited monthly pass.

*Prices subject to change

Oh, the places you’ll go

The MTA public transportation has bus routes that will take you to the airport, to the local-area healthcare centers, and to areas outside of the city, too.

Click here to view the Bus Route Map

Find out more about the MTA here.